Hit me on the first swing, brought me down to my knees,

We’ve been playing too many games, all the same now. 

I can’t see straight when I try to differentiate what is real from what is fake.

I can’t even trust my own mind.


Know I want you,

All of your, all of your...

Know I want you,

All of your, all of your...


Walk me to the hilltop, strike me like a flash mob,

All these fireworks in my mind, now I can’t stop.

Wait- please don’t walk away, I always have so much left to say,

But you make all my tears go to waste.


Oh darling if you want to be with me,

Maybe you should have given me anything.

Even look at me the way you used to do,

Instead of leaving me in the pouring rain calling out for you.

Oh you know it’s true,

You never loved me how I loved you.


What happened to the long goodnights and the makeup fights,

When you’d say you’re coming over, everything is gonna be alright.

And how I didn’t believe it was true when I walked away from you,

And you didn’t call my name that time.