I run away through the trees,

For all your prettiness is pain.

Broken lights on the ground,

When I kissed you in the rain.

And the stars all shone like headlights that we’re chasing.

We’re chasing dreams and chasing feelings we forget.

Beneath waves we swim like paper silhouettes.

And you’re my heartbreak, you’re my perfect…


And I’ll wait.

And I’ll be your broken echo whistling sad songs through the breeze.

The wolves stare down me,

But I’ll wait through the cold for our winter’s forever young.

And our love’s like a forest of empty trees.


I sold your love to a wayfaring stranger passing by,

Gave me balloons said they would take me to the sky.

But summer never came, no it’s all ice.

And my regrets are in letters at your door.

Can’t understand why you don’t love me anymore,

Our hearts are the same ones as before, oh but…


Breaking glass.

We’re like strangers now,

Walking through reflections of our breaking hearts.

I thought that we were crashing,

We were crashing from the start.

And I’ll wait for you,

I’ll always wait for you.