If I was air, I’d hold your breath inside my palm,

Run far, far away into the sunlight and be gone.  

And be gone…


If I was air, I’d leap into the snow,

Let the white take me away into oceans I don’t know. 

Moving slow…


Darling it ain’t easy for us to say goodbye,

But I know someday if it all works out,

Then you and I will be on the ground saying,

Hey, look at the stars… Look at the stars.


If I was air, I’d stay in love and rust away,

Like a barn in a field saying “I love you” every day.                 

Rust away…


Take my words and string them on a tree,

Like a banner waving in the wind.

Let my essence linger in the air,

Like a tattoo on the pale mind of your skin.

Needles and pins…


Darling it ain’t easy for us to say good-bye.

But I know, I know, I know that someday it’ll all be fine.

Just look at the stars, Look at the stars.