What People Are Saying About "Lost Parade":

“MY GOD! That voice. Do yourself a favor, press play on the band’s new record, 'Lost Parade' and become enchanted.” - Hall of Fame DJ, Marco Collins

"Catchy melodies juxtaposed against Tigerlily’s tear-stained lyrics.” - Seattle Weekly

“A stunning release. The more you listen to it, the more it unveils itself, the layers within the music and lyrics. . ." - Eclectic Arts


"The album’s eight tracks juxtapose themes of teen love and heartbreak with a touch of grunge’s darkness, all against a glittery folk-pop backdrop." - Parent Map Magazine 

“What Lost Parade succeeds at best is creating a mood—one that takes the listener back to a time of butterflies, first kisses, and note-passing.” 

- IndieVerse 

What People Are Saying About "Cowboy Movie Star":

"I’ve heard enough to realize what’s going to blow mind, but once a year something comes out of left field and hits me hard. Cowboy Movie Star is that album, it is just soooo good...  " - Brian Snider, Secretly Important


“Bleachbear’s new album shines with breezy surf rock inspired melodies and indelible guitar and bass hooks.” - Jessica Dobson, Deep Sea Diver


“Listening to Cowboy Movie Star is much like following along to a piece of audio cinema; a story you'll want to play back again and again.” - Hollis Wong-Wear, the Flavr Blue


“Bleachbear is producing clean, infectious indie pop music that could easily take off.” - Eclectic Arts


"It can be difficult to discover great indie bands, so we’ve done it for you . . . 'Cowboy Movie Star' is sure to make it on your road trip playlist." - Character Media