Bleachbear t-shirts can be ordered in black or white. (Black t-shirts have white print, and white t-shirts have black print.) T-shirts come in 3 fits: men's standard fit (L, XL, XXL, XXXL), men's athletic fit , & women's fit (XS/S/M/L/XL). 



1) Men's "Standard" fit is the common, basic t-shirt everyone is familiar with. Sturdy, durable fabric in a nice, standard fit. Comes in sizes: S-XXXL (Think about the t-shirt you received from your school or rec sports team, or your company's "team-building" event.)

2) Men's "Athletic" fit is still long, but overall a slimmer t-shirt than the standard fit t-shirt, and made of a more fluid, thinner fabric. (Think Urban Outfitters or American Apparel.) Comes in: S-XL. (*Also, a popular choice for women who prefer a standard fit t-shirt.)

3) "Women's fit" t-shirts have very subtle narrowing at the waist, are slightly shorter in the body and sleeves, and are made of the same fluid, thinner fabric as the Men's Athletic t-shirts. Run about a size smaller than what you might expect, so if you still like the overall cut but you don't like your shirts tight/form-fitted, go one or even two sizes up depending on whether you are at the lower or higher end of your size. XS is quite small & fits kids well too- think girls who are around 100 lbs or less.

(*If you prefer a standard/basic t-shirt cut (longer/straight), the "Men's Athletic" t-shirt is a great choice: the size S generally fits the women who'd normally wear a women's M/L, and the M generally fits the woman who'd normally wear a women's L/XL)


Kids: Same basic, sturdy fabric as the Men's Standard fit t-shirts but in small sizes. Comes in sizes: XS-L. 


Our t-shirt stock varies, and we might be out of the shirt you want, so please email us first so we can check our stock and we will give you an estimate for order receipt and shipping cost:

Bleachbear T-Shirts