Was it the look in your eyes, honey,

The way that you’d smile, baby,

I couldn’t help falling for you.

But now you’ve let me down, have me on the ground,

Begging you for one more month to stick around,

So I can teach you to love me again.


Now we’re waltzing in the dark, in the cold,

Can you feel my heart anymore?

I was your fool, I always stayed,

Now what right do you have to tell me that everything has changed?

Everything has changed when I love you just the same.


Was it the way that we’d laugh, honey,

Those long summer nights, baby,

I couldn’t help needing you too.

Now tell me one more time that I’m yours, you’re mine,

Give me one more chance and I will change your mind,

Oh I will teach you to love me again.


Oh was it the look in your eyes?

Was it the way that you made me feel inside?

Tell me, was it just time that broke us down?

Now I can’t stand you.

Now I can’t stand being without you, Being without you.